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Cherokey Fire Protection systems protect lives, buildings and assets. The Key is:

Carolyn Lightfoot
Carolyn Lightfoot

For Carolyn Lightfoot, founder of Cherokey Fire Protection, the most important concern is

making sure our customers get the best system at the best price. I know, everyone says that, but we really practice it. A recent example is a multi-family project in which the original plans from the architects called for open stairwells, which required the installation of an expensive freeze-resistant dry sprinkler system. However, in the final set of plans the stairwells were enclosed, so we amended our plans, and specified the far less expensive wet automatic sprinkler system. We made sure the property owner got the price reduction.

Fire Protection Systems for Apartments and Multi-Family Residences

Commercial Fire Protection Systems for Apartments and Multi-Family Residences

Prioritizing life and property protection, while being good stewards of the project budget

A well planned and professionally installed automatic fire sprinkler system is the first line of defense when a fire starts.

From the installation of the very first apartment fire protection system in Texas at Pirate’s Landing Apartments in the early 1980s to the design and installation of leading edge systems in the new upscale Giorgetti Houston condominiums, Cherokey Fire Protection has been protecting families and their assets from devastating fire losses for over 4 decades.

You can trust Cherokey, our experience makes the difference when it matters.

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Fire Protection Systems for New Commercial Buildings

Fire Protection Systems for New Commercial Buildings

Protecting owner and tenant property with the best in class automatic sprinkler system design, installation & inspection

Property losses from retail and commercial fires are second only to residential property losses (NFPA research). Protect your investment, and give your building occupants peace of mind, knowing that your facility has the best in class automatic fire sprinkler systems. Cherokey Fire Protection has the experience and expertise to keep your project safe.

Cherokey Fire Protection has the experience and expertise to keep your project safe.

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Stricter Fire Protection Systems for Hotels

Stricter Fire Protection Systems for Hotels

Providing more efficient fire safety systems

Hotelier, Marriott International, has pioneered new, stricter life-safety standards for their properties around the world. Cherokey Fire Protection paid attention while Marriott researched ways to respond to fires faster while also testing ways to speed up retrofitting activities, and are proud that their experts are qualified to install, inspect and repair Marriott systems.

Cherokey is your solution for Hotel and Motel Fire Protection 

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Fire control systems

Fire Control in 1 minute or 7?

The best fire protection is speed

A quality commercial fire sprinkler system can control a room fire in about 1 minute, while it can take 7-12 minutes for the fire department to arrive on the scene.

See for yourself how much less damaging a fire can be with a fire sprinkler system in place. This short video is an actual demonstration provided by the Home Fire Sprinkler Coalition (HFSC).

Regular Fire Sprinkler Inspections are a critical component of any Fire Safety System 

Free and low-cost fire protection system inspections put your buildings and tenants at risk

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Retrofit and Restore Older Fire Protection Systems

Retrofit and Restore Older Fire Protection Systems

Updating out-of-date systems ensures well protected properties

Retrofitting fire sprinkler systems in older or historic buildings is often a creative process that requires a lot of design flexibility. It's challenging to maintain the owner’s budget, the architect’s vision, while adhering to fire safety compliance rules.

The seasoned experts at Cherokey Fire Protection work closely with architects and owners to make it possible to implement a mixture of passive and active systems such as heat detectors and smoke and fire curtains that can help protect pre-existing buildings.

Cherokey has the fire protection solutions for your next retrofit or renovation

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Fire Protection for Student Housing

Fire Protection for Student Housing

Non intrusive solutions for students and institutions

Cherokey Fire Protection is passionate about making sure that student housing facilities are designed or retro-fitted with modern sprinkler systems to protect students and facilities.

With the expertise and logistical means to retrofit student housing while students are living in the facility, Cherokey can provide safety solutions with minimal impact on the normal daily activities on campus.

Cherokey is your Fire Protection Partner for Student Housing

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Fire Protection for Assisted Living Facilities

Fire Protection for Assisted Living Facilities

Adhering to Complex Fire Protection Requirements

Fire safety for assisted living facilities are more complex than other types of facilities since the residents have higher than average physical impairments that hamper evacuation in fire and smoke emergencies.

Cherokey Fire Protection has the expertise and experience to design and implement a fire safety system that respects the complications inherent in assisted living facilities

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