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Adding Modern Automatic Sprinkler Systems to Older Buildings

We all want to maintain the beauty of historic buildings, and we also want them to be safe places to work, live and visit. According to NFPA 13, all newly constructed commercial buildings that are 5,000 square feet or larger are required to have fire sprinkler systems. Of course, there have been many buildings constructed over the years without the benefit of modern fire protection systems.

The NFPA sprinkler performance report stated that, based on fire department data for the years 2007 to 2011, automatic fire sprinkler systems were present in only 10 percent of reported structure fires.

While restoration architects struggle to keep an older building as authentic as possible, Cherokey Fire Protections experienced fire safety experts can work with designers to blend modern fire protection systems in with minimal design disruption.

One great example is 5000 Montrose in Houston. These beautiful high-rise apartments were required to be retrofitted to provide automatic fire sprinklers in the office, common areas, stair towers, corridors and elevator lobbies to meet the requirements laid out in the City of Houston High Rise Ordinance. The Cherokey team was able to design and install a compliant system while assuring the buildings occupants were undisturbed, and making sure the additional equipment blended in with the newly renovated interiors.

Cherokey Fire Protection is your partner in the protection and preservation of  your historic properties.

Modern Fire Protection for a Galveston Landmark Building

2101 Church Street, in the heart of the Historic District of Galveston, was once the magnificent Jean Lafitte Hotel, Galveston Island’s first high rise building. The former 10-story hotel, built in 1927 has been converted into 83 luxury apartments. The building was named for the famous French pirate, who at one point lived on Galveston Island. It had sat vacant for a number of years prior to its recent renovation.