Fire Protection for Student Housing

Fire Protection for Student Housing

Fire Protection for Student Housing

6 out of 7 student housing fires are started by cooking.

On average, 50% of residential fires are caused by cooking. However, when it comes to campus housing, that number jumps significantly. Possibly due to less than ideal cooking facilities in dorms and student housing as well as less attentive cooks, this fact highlights the necessity of superlative fire protection systems for student housing.

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Student Housing Facilities Design

Cherokey Fire Protection is passionate about making sure that student housing facilities are designed or retro-fitted with modern sprinkler systems to protect students and facilities. 

Understanding the unique demands of educational institutions, and the need to capture maximum utility from built assets, Cherokey has developed the expertise to complete a student housing retrofit while students are living in the facility. 

The ability to complete the necessary sprinkler system installation while minimizing the disruption to the students, and educational institution is paired with a deep understanding of the complexity of such projects.

From new design and installation to retrofit and repair, Cherokey is your student housing fire protection partner.

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