Jonathon Powers

Vice President, Installation

Jonathon joined Cherokey 24 years ago as an entry level employee in the warehouse and has worked his way up due to a meticulous attention to detail, commitment to learning and maintaining best practices on the job, and genuine zeal for the ins and outs of fire protection. 

Jonathon is certified in Texas, Louisiana and Mississippi, with current fire protection NICET Certifications for Special Hazard Systems, Water-Based Systems Layout, and others, Jonathon is passionate about staying on the cutting edge of industry practice and standards, as well as sharing his understanding and the details of fire safety codes with customers. 

As the head of design and installation of automatic fire sprinkler systems for Cherokey, he has built up a team of well trained and certified foremen and crews to execute each job on a timely basis while adhering to the highest quality and safety standards.

Jonathon’s commitment, skill and experience energize Cherokey Fire Protection’s current operations and provide a solid foundation for the future.