Fire Sprinkler system repair and services

Service and Repairs

Cherokey is your Commercial Fire Protection Partner 

Fire is an ever-present threat. Even the best fire protection system needs regularly scheduled service. Contracting the certified fire professionals at Cherokey Fire Protection, to perform fire protection equipment testing and maintenance services is worth every penny.

Selecting Cherokey as your fire protection partner, ensures regulatory compliance that protects your bottom line against fines and penalties, and provides a record that you have satisfied and adhered to requirements set forth by State and Local Authority's having Jurisdiction. 

More importantly, it ensures your fire protection systems are ready to go the moment a fire starts to smolder.

Don’t wait for a malfunction, Cherokey has licensed service technicians who know how to inspect, service and repair all the equipment in your fire protection system. We help you ensure that your system will continue to protect your tenant’s lives and your property against the dangers of fire.

24/7, 365 Cherokey Fire Protection is here to address your emergency needs.

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