Beverly Hilbert

Manager, Sales

Beverly gained first hand knowledge and a deep understanding of the importance of fire protection systems in saving lives and minimizing property damage, during her service as Regional Apartment Manager at a national company. She joined Cherokey 14 years ago, with a commitment to educate the public in fire safety awareness and promote the installation of well-designed automatic fire sprinkler systems. 

Beginning with educating her customers in the multi-family sector, about maintaining fire protection systems to the highest level, she has expanded her services to student housing, office buildings, medical facilities, retail centers, hotels, motels, assisted living, historical building renovations and high rises.  She has been instrumental in providing services ranging from design and installation of new systems to retrofitting previously installed systems for a range of clients, as well setting up all important inspection and maintenance services.  Her depth of experience allows her to proffer solutions that fit the specific fire safety needs of a project.

Beverly also is committed to increasing awareness of fire safety through a non-profit organization by offering education and training to the public at large.